It's my life
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi It's my life
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It's my life

The song is carried on power chords;
the guitar part is the only thing I-m transcribing.

Intro: C5  | C5  | ~ | ~ | } x2

C5  N.C 
This ain-t a song for the broken hearted (repeat intro)
C5  N.C 
A silent prayer for faith departed (repeat intro)
I ain-t gonna be just a face in the crowd
You-re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud
Chorus: -
         C5        G#5 
It-s my life; it-s now or never
Eb5           Bb5 
I ain-t gonna live forever,
C5             G#5            Bb5 
I just want to live when I-m alive
                 C5               G#5 
It-s my life; my heart is like an open highway
Eb5                Bb5 
Like franky said I did it my way,
C5            G#5           Bb5 
I just wanna live when I-m alive
It-s my life. (repeat intro)
This is for ones who stood their ground
Like Tommy and Gina, never backed down
Tomorrow-s getting harder make no mistake
Luck ain-t even lucky got to make your own breaks
Solo: G#5  | Bb5  | C5  | F5  | C5  |
Bridge: -
You better stand tall when they-re calling you out
Don-t bend don-t break baby don-t back down  (Repeat chorus x2 to end)
Now because I-m a nice guy, I-ve Tabbed the solo!
Obviously, keep bar 1 going.  That-s it. Enjoy.

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