Say it isn't so
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi Say it isn't so
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Say it isn't so

Intro:        G  - D  | C  | } x2

       G            D         C 
I just can-t believe, it was all a lie,
       G           D       C 
No man in the moon, just a big light in the sky.
       G          D            C 
I hear Disneyland, might lose Mickey Mouse
In some giant hostile corporate shake up
Tell me it-s a nightmare please wake me up
(Say it isn-t so) (Repeat intro)
I found a book of matches, from someplace we-ve never been
How come you hang the phone up, the minute I walk in
Last night I had this dream, I was losing you
I woke up in a cold sweat shaking, rescue me my heart is breaking
Chorus 1:
             G                    D 
Say it isn-t so (Tell me it-s not true)
             Em               C 
Say it isn-t so (I believe in you)
                F                   Dm7 
Tell me it-s a lie (I don-t need no proof)
                     C                      Cm 
Say everything-s all right (Couldn-t be not you)
Say it isn-t so (Repeat intro)
Superman don-t fly, did it all with strings
Elvis Presley died, they deep-fried, the king
Like some tacky cheesy bathing beauty,
Dancing on the beach in a bad ?B¦ movie.
Chorus 1:
Chorus 2:
Say it isn-t so (Don-t give up on me)
Say it isn-t so (Don-t give up on you)
Get me through the night (We will make it through)
Make everything all right (From me to you)
Say it isn-t so.
Solo: G  | Em  | (Repeat) Riff
End: - Chorus 1+2.

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