She's a mystery
Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi She's a mystery
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She's a mystery

Intro:        F  | Bb  | Gm  | C  |

Bb                       F 
She won-t let me buy her jewellery,
Bb                                 F 
She don-t want things that she can keep
Dm                    C            Eb                    Bb 
She wears wildflowers in her hair, then throws them to the sea
Gm                                 C 
She-s the beginning and the end of me
F             Bb  Gm 
She-s, a mystery, my most beautiful regret
C                            F 
I will never understand her, She-s, a mystery
I still don-t know what to call her
She says that words don-t mean a thing
She changes her name everyday
And lies all the time
I feel lucky to call her mine
Gm                                 C 
The only promise I can keep, even in my dreams she ruins me
Dm       C                         F             Bb 
She-s everything in the world that you cannot explain
Gm                                   C 
But she throws me a smile it-s like fire in the rain
F            Bb   Gm 
She-s, a mystery, there-s no defence it-s innocence
C                                 F            Bb 
But she won-t let you see, -cause she-s, a mystery.
That-s it. Ha Ha.

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