My Star
Brainstorm My Star
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My Star

F  Dm-C 
My friends gonna call me: hey dreamer
Am Dm 
The stars you are watching are so far
Bb C Am Dm 
Tonight I know I will get there
Bb C 
By plane or by bus - right to my star
(same chords as before the next verse)
Pretend there are things you just don't know
In spite someone's told you are so cute
You have to ask and I will show
The snow in the summer or so, so
F Bb C Am 
If my star would fall, or disappear at all
Dm Bb Dm Bb 
I will follw my star till the end of my days
Dm Bb C F 
And my heart's gonna lead me through so many ways
Dm Bb Dm Bb 
And if you gonna join me, I'll be your gide
Dm Bb C F 
Baby never say never, be my runaway bride

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