Baby I'm A want you
Bread Baby I'm A want you
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Baby I'm A want you

D Baby I'm a want you. em  Baby I'm a need you.
You're thef#m  only one I cared enough to G hurt about.D/F# 
em Maybe I'm a crazy, but I G just can't live withA out,

Your D lovin' and affection,em  givin' me direction
like a f#m guiding light to help me through my G darkest hour.D/F# 
em Lately I'm a prayin that you'llG  always be a A stayin' beD side me.

f#m Used to be my life was just emotions G passing by.
f#m Feeling all the while and never really G knowing why.
(Instr. verse, sing "lately I'm a.." switching  last line)

 f#m  Then you came along and made me laugh and G made me cry.D/F# 
You em taught me A why...

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