Pounded into Dust
Cannibal Corpse
Cannibal Corpse Pounded into Dust
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Pounded into Dust

intro:        F# Gm# Am# F# Gm# Gm7  } x6

        Forces of hate meet
Gather for the siege
The raid begins
Their revence, smashing, killing
stabbing, poudind Iron weapon crash
  Gm           Am 
Evil warriors strike
  Gm           Am 
Hammers craccking skulss
   Gm           Am 
Axes chopping heads
  F            Gm# 
Their revence is now
    F             Gm# 
Trough violence, smashing
   F                Gm# 
killing, stabbing poundig

chours:        Blood soaks the ground
in their own, the will drown
Surrounded by disgust
 Am    Gm          F# 
Pountedinto du-uu-ust

        Batle rangers on
Bleeding wounded scream
Clubs shatter bonnes
Swords seven limbs
Theis blind rage compels
Their frenzy , bloodlust
madness, burrning, hathned
Berzekerz ower whelm
Dewenders runin
No prisoners today
The end is near
Their blind  age endess
No mercy lay waste
wipe out, kill them, kill them
Their sbrungle to defend
the attack will never end
Surrounded by disgust
Pounded into du-uu-u-st
The captured will be crucfield as a warning to the rest
when the killin is compeleved the city will be burned
Their way of life wille be destroied,no trace of them remains
They lay waste
Victory war theirhatred, fury, raging, poudraing
Blood soaks the ground
In their own, the will drown
Surronded by disgust
Pounded into du-uu-uu-uu-u-st

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