As the Footsteps Die Out Forev
Catch 22
Catch 22As the Footsteps Die Out Forev Прислать видеоурок
Catch 22 As the Footsteps Die Out Forev
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As the Footsteps Die Out Forev

Intro and verse:
   E      B                A           Fsharp  A    E 

(Note the E  chord should be played as a "A shaped " bar
chord and all the others use a "E shaped " bar chord)

     E                  A 
Every night for 3 long weeks
Fsharp minor                     B 
She roamed the hallways half asleep
    E                   A 
and as the footsteps fade away
 Fsharp minor                     B 
n my mind I could swear I could swear I heard her say

 A        B 
Don't wait for me
 E            Fsharp minor 
Got lot to do got lot to be
 A                    B 
and in the end maybe i'll see you there

Then back to the verse chords with distortion

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