In Hiding
Genesis In Hiding
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"From Genesis to Revelation"
In Hiding

Em          A7 
Pick me up, put me down
Em          A7 
Push me in, turn me round
Em             A7 
Switch me on, let me go
Em            A7      D        d 
I have a mind of my own
D             F#M 
In hiding
G            Em      C 
Far from the city of night
        D7           G 
and the factories of truth
I stand upon the mountain
  Am                     D7 
A million miles from my home
And the faces of fear
       A7sus4       A7 
I have freedom to think
In hiding
I may take off my clothes
that I wear on my face
I float upon the river
A million miles from the plains
that are piercing the clouds
I am lost in the beauty
D             D 
In hiding
G  A7sus4       A7 
I wish you were here
In hiding
I lie silent at last
I'm free from my past
I walk among the tall trees
This is beauty I know
I'm in love with it all
I have freedom to love
In hiding
On the second time thru the chorus, slow down to the end on the final line
to the D  chord.
Hope you enjoy it.

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