NOFX Fleas
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"punk in drublic"

CHORDS:          Cadd9    G5    F7      G     C      F       Bb 

Intro:        Cadd9 , G5 , F7  (gtr.1)
C , G , Bb , F  (gtr.2)

C              G          F                    Bb 
father used to say you'll sleep with dogs next day
C             G           F          Bb 
wake in bed tomorrow with inevitable fleas

at 10 years old you listen to what you're told
i never felt the itch, i never would

C , G , Bb , F 

mother had forbidden me to wate away my life
she wanted to have all the things i could never buy you
      C                G 
don't stop what i've begun
          Bb     C    F 
you're my one my only son
Bb            C                 F 
follow what i say not what i've done } repeat
Bb               C             G               F 
shower scrub and shave cleanly boys don't misbehave
Bb            C                 F 
follow what i say not what i've done

Outro same as Intro

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