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Heavy Petting Zoo (Epitaph 1996)
Release the Hostages

Through some stroke of luck, I recently got a copy of the new NOFX album
(which won't be in stores until Jan. 30th, titled "Heavy Petting Zoo").
After sitting down with my guitar and screwing around for a while, I
managed to figure out one of the songs. Sounds good to me. Ok, here goes.

Chords used:            A    F    G    E    C 

Everything is/should be/sounds like palm muted, and the strum pattern is
traditional 4/4 up/down etc... nothing weird here.

A             F            G           E             A 
Stop! Have a beer, it's on me, has anyone ever told you
           F          G              E           A 
That you look like a star, heard it said at the bar
       F  G            E 
So I drink, cause it makes me
A       F               G    E 
   Happier than being alone
A            F    G        E 
   My good friend, Johnny Walker
A            F            G   E 
   Keeps me warm like a c--t
F              G         A 
 Seems like everybody's got
          G       F 
Something I have not
    G            C 
A reason not to die
         G      F 
Death to Mr. Right
        G         C 
'Cause that's not me!

Verse repeats itself instrumental, then the chorus again.
There are also some instrumental bits (including a long one at the
beginning which reminds me of "The Quass" from Punk in Drublic) but I'm
either too lazy or too dumb to tab 'em out. GET THE ALBUM WHEN IT COMES

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