Allman BrothersBlue Sky

Blue Sky

E       A       E       A       E       D       A       E
E Walk along the B river, A sweet lullaE by, it just keeps on B flowing,
A It don't worry 'bout where it's going, no, noE     A
E Don't fly, mister blueB bird, I'm just A walking down the E road,
Early morning sunB shine A tell me all I need to knowE     A

Chorus:        B You're my A blue sky, E you're my sunny A day.
B Lord, you know it A makes me high when you E turn your love my A way,
Turn your love my F#m7 way, yeahE

E       A       E       A       E       B       C#       A
E Good old sunday B morning, bells are A ringing everyE where.
Goin to CarolB ina, it A won't be long and I'll be thereE     A


E       A       E       A       E       D       A       E

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