AmericaI Need You

I Need You

We A used to laugh
We Amaj7 used to cry
Em7   We used to boDm7 w our heads, then
C   wonder why
But A now you're gone
I guess I'llAmaj7  carry on
Em7   And make the besDm7 t of what you C left to me
Fmaj7 Left to me, D7 left to me

Chorus:        I neG ed you
Like the flEm ower needs the rain
You know I neBm ed you
Guess I'll Am7 start it all againD7
You know I neG ed you
Like the wiEm nter needs the spring
You know I neBm ed you
I need you

D  E

And A every day
I'd laugh the Amaj7 hours away
Em7   Just knowing youDm7  were thinking of C me
A Then it came
That I wasAmaj7  put to blame
Em7   For every Dm7 story told abouC t me
Fmaj7 About me, abouD7 t me

Chorus + extra "I need you"'s

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