Bad ExamplesTil the Cup is Broke

"Cheap Beer Night"
Til the Cup is Broke

Opening Riff:    E:--------------------------------------------------|---2------------------------------------|
G:--------------------0----------------------------|---2------------------------------------|     O   /
D:----------------2------2----------------0-------|---0------------------------------------|         /
A:-----0--2--3-----------------------2------2----|----------------------------------------|        /   O

D                                            Am                            Gm
Verse 1:    Hey there,  what do you know?  I'm still thinking about you.
     D                                      Am
It's funny how we see ourselves, we never notice what we do

          C               G          D
Chorus:        Til' the cup is broke, til the moment's gone
           C         G                D
Til' the dawn is day, and the day is done

    D                                     Am
Verse 2:    Remember the words we used…  do you think they might be true?
     D                               Am
Forget it, let em' slip away,  we'll never know how much we knew

Solo (Sorry, haven't figured it out)

Em               C     G         D                   Am                C
Bridge:        And do you remember the leaps of faith it took us to get back to here
Em                   C  G          D                     Am
                     C                G        D
And I just can't imagine the tricks of fate we stumbled on when it was all so

       D                            Am                                     Gm
Verse 3:    This letter, I kissed it once wishing that you could kiss me
     D                            Am                            Gm
It's silly, a romantic hope   but it's all that I can see

      C                      G      D
Chorus:        Til I touch your mouth, til I touch your hand
      C                    G           D
Til I feel the skin of your hips under me

Repeat Chorus
Opening Riff

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