Are You Ready
Association Are You Ready
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Are You Ready
(Larry Ramos - Tony Ortega)

Intro (acoustic 12-string, (4X))
 v   v   v     v   v   v

Verse 1:    You better find out who you're puttin' on
It ain't me, baby
You're gonna find me gone

         E7             A7 
Chorus:        Are you ready (are you ready)
         E7             A7 
Are you ready (are you ready)
         E7             A7 
Are you ready (are you ready)
         E7    C#7           F#7     A7        E 
  (3-5: E7#9  C#7#11        F#7-9  (implied by horns))
Are you ready, baby, are you ready, ready for that
(repeat intro riff on doubled electric 6-string (2X))

Verse 2:    You call this lovin'
You wanna own my soul
You better hang on
To what you grab ahold

repeat chorus

             A                   D 
Bridge:        You better change, girl, listen here, girl
             A                D 
Change your way for a better day, girl
         A                       D          A 
It's a groove, girl, when it's right, girl
     G#  A A# B       E     B      E 
I...I'm gonna   show you,     yeah
              B    E   B 
When you're ready

Verse 3:    You're gonna have love
Each and every night
You're gonna have love
That's really out of sight

repeat chorus

Instrumental break:
(guitar solo over verse and chorus chords)

repeat bridge
repeat verse 3
repeat chorus

              E7   A7 
Coda:        Yes, are you ready    readyreadyready
 E7            A7 
Ready, ready, ready, ready
 E7             A7 
Ready (are you ready)

continue to fade

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