AssociationDon't Blame It On Me

Don't Blame It On Me
(D. Addrisi - D. Addrisi)

The B-side of "Cherish", also recorded around the same time by the Vogues as
"Don't Blame The Rain" (B-side of "Please Mr. Sun"). I transcribed it in G
even though it's about 3/4 tone sharp and sounds almost in A-flat.

Intro (2X):
bass, doubled w/bells:
G      Gsus4       G     Gsus4
 v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

G            Gsus4           G           Gsus4
Verse 1:    Go blame the rain for your cloudburst of teardrops
G         Gsus4           G                    C
Blame the wind, say how lonely and cold it can be
Cm   D7          G
You asked to be free
Don't blame it on me

Verse 2:    Go blame the night for the darkness descending
Blame the wind, say it laughs at you now that you're free
That's how you want it to be
Don't blame it on me

 G               C/G
Chorus:        Now your life is empty
D7/G              G
And only tears remain
      G                   C/G
Your high hopes turned to heartache
       C               D7sus4   D7
Your freedom turned to chains

repeat verse 1
repeat chorus

Verse 3:    Go blame rain and the wind and the darkness
Blame the world for the way things have turned out to be
Blame whatever you please
But don't…
D7                G
Don't blame it on me

Coda (repeat to fade):
Cm     D7         G
Don't blame it on me

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