On A Quiet Night
Association On A Quiet Night
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On A Quiet Night
(P. F. Sloan)

(harpsichord arr. for guitar):
 v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v     v   v   v   v

Emaj7 F#m7 Emaj7/G# Amaj7 
Verse 1:    On     a     quiet  night
Gmaj7   Amaj7    Emaj7            Bsus4 
You can hear the rustling of the leaves
Emaj7 F#m7 Emaj7/G# Amaj7 
On     a     quiet  night
Gmaj7   Amaj7        Emaj7         Bsus4 
Distant voices carry softly in the breeze

Chorus 1:    And I'm inside my room
Captured in a moment's thought
Gmaj7                         F#m7 
Strumming on a chord from my guitar
A/B  (N.C.; harpsichord as per intro)
Silently, silently (silently)
So silently (so silently)

Verse 2:    On a quiet night
Time hangs heavy in the air just like a cloud
I'm lying on my bed
Scratching my head, wondering what it's about

Chorus 2:    Are we all minstrels
Playing in a three-ring circus
Searching for a purpose that's not there
Silently, silently (silently)
So silently (so silently, so silently, so silently)

 v   v   v   v
D#7          G#m 
Everybody's thinking
      F#                     B 
Gotta get ahead, gotta get ahead
D#7          G#m 
Everybody's drinking
F#                   A 
Hurrying, worrying, playing the game
All acting the same
   B       A             G#m   F#m 
As I look out through my windowpane

Verse 3:    On a quiet night
The wind, it can play tricks on your ear
Like some unsolved mystery
We all guess at the ending, but nobody comes near

repeat chorus 2

A/B  (harpsichord, recorder, drums, backward tambourine to fade)

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