2000 Light Years Away
Green Day
Green Day 2000 Light Years Away
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2000 Light Years Away

This is the first song on it.
May not be in the right key.
Just the easiest way to play it.
The minor chord threw me at first.
Didn't think Billy Joe knew them.

C          G 
I sit alone in my bedroom
Staring at the walls
I've been up all damn night long
My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning
Am                   C 
I hold my breath and close eyes
   Am           G 
And dream about her
F             G               C 
Cause she's 2000 light years away
She holds my mala kite so tight so
Never let go
Cause she 2000 light years away
I sit outside and watch the sunrise
Lookout as far as I can
I can't see her, but in the distance
I hear some laughter, we laugh together

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