Going To Pasquala
Green Day
Green Day Going To Pasquala
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Going To Pasquala

If you haven't heard this song, don't bother downloading it, or, if you
already have, delete it. This is NOT, repeat NOT, for you posers who think
Dookie is Green Day's first album and don't even know the words to "She."

A E 
Verse:        Here we go again
D A 
Infatuation touches me just when i thought that it would end
A E 
Oh, but then again it seems much more than that
D A 
But, I'm not sure exactly what you're thinkin'

D A E 
Chorus:        Well, I toss and turn all night thinkin' of your ways of affection
D A 
But, to find out it's not different at all
D A 
Well, I throw away my past mistakes and
contemplate my future
That's when I say
What the hey?

Verse:        Would I last forever?
You and I together
hand in hand we run away
I'm in for nasty weather
But, I'll take whatever you can give that comes my way


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