Take Back
Green Day
Green Day Take Back
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Nimrod (1997)
Take Back

All right, here are the chords if u don't know 'em. They were alright
in the original post, except for the F5  in the chorus, which is a E5 .
B5   A5          C5    D#5        A#5     E5 
X    5 or  X      X      X         6      X
2    7     0      3      6         8      7
4    X     2      5      8         X      9
X    X     X      X      X         X      X
X    X     X      X      X         X      X
X    X     X      X      X         X      X
B5                 A5                    C5 
You pushed me once too far again
B5                 A5                     C5 
I'd love to break your fuckin' teeth
Stick a knife in the center of your
B5                 A5                      C5 
You better get some eyes in the back od your head
I fight dirty, just like your looks
Can't take can't take
Chorus 1:
D#5    A#5     E5 
Take back
Take back
Take back
Verse 2:
The taste of bad blood on the tip of my tongue
An eye for an eye, gun for a gun
Cold-cocked and I'm taking back what's mine
Expect it when you're least expecting it
Lights out can't take anymore
Chorus } x2
Outro: B5 A5 C5 x4  B5 
Well that's is, pretty easy and pretty cool, eh?

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