Welcome to paradise
Green Day
Green Day Welcome to paradise
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Intro:        E5   D5 A5 

E5          D5              E5 
dear mother can you hear me whining
E5                  D5 
it's been three whole weeks since
G5            A5  H5 
i have left your home
this sudden fear has left me trembling
cause now it seem
that i'm here out here on my own
G5              A5  H5 
and i'm feeling so alone
E5             G5                     A5              C5 
pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes
E5             G5                H5 
some call it slums some call it nice
E5                G5 
i wanna take you through a wasteland
A5                 C5 
i like to call my home
E5      Intro
welcome to paradise

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